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  • Paul Bovi

    A professional sports bettor since his departure as Vice President of a prominent investment firm in 1995, Paul launched his public presence in 2004 as a handicapper for VegasInsider. Since that time, Paul has established himself as a top handicapper in both the NFL and NBA which is reflected in his outstanding track record in both sports.In 2010, Paul cashed 15th place in the prestigious Hilton Super Contest with an NFL against the spread record of 51-33-1. Over the past 5 years, Paul has logged an amazing NBA against the spread win percentage of 56.5% including 57% on totals.Additionally Paul’s published works have been featured in such places as the USA Today and the Daily Racing Form. Paul also makes frequent guest appearances on both ESPN and Fox sports radio.Paul attributes his success to watching as many games as possible, which he feels gives him a distinct advantage over those handicappers that rely strictly upon statistical information, or technical related factors. Paul is a gambler first, and is on record in saying that he will be ‘on every game that he gives out’, and will not compromise his commitment to providing his clients the information they need to win.

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  • Ricky Palmer

    It won’t be long before you see that Ricky Palmer throws nothing but strikes! Into his 3rd year professionally as a handicapper, Palmer specializes in MLB & Football. Palmer has a passion for statistics and stays up to date with injuries and players. Palmer doesn’t just go with his gut he says, its real stats that do the decision making in his mind…For the past 3 years he’s been consulting privately, it was only a matter of time before word got out that his picks were consistently on the money. That’s when Ref Picks decided to give him a test and now we’re here able to offer his quality baseball and football picks exclusively. Ricky is an expert in both baseball and football (NFL & College), he lets his win percentage do the talking.Ricky Palmer is exclusive to, and users will be quick to discover Palmer’s quality picks and analysis make him one of the elite MLB & Football handicappers in the nation.

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  • Johnny Football

    If you are looking for a handicapper that’s one and only focus is football, then Johnny Phillips is your guy. Johnny “Football” will lead you in multiple winning seasons for everything football (including NFL & College). “I am well aware that not every bettor wants to follow my specific style of handicapping. My handicapping is a bit unorthodox in most eyes, but I don’t get emotionally involved in my picks. I’m very disciplined in the system I put in place and it shows in my record.Johnny “Football”, in many handicapping circles is one of the best football handicappers in the business. “I earned a pair of top-five overall finishes in the Vegas Sporting Review and I also ranked in the top ten for several individual sports, including multiple top finishes in the NFL and NCAA football.”He takes pride in being known for consistency. He has shown a keen ability to excel in the NFL and NCAA Football earning the nickname Johnny “Football” and we at Ref Picks are glad to have him on board.

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  • JR Kennedy

    JR Kennedy is the 3 time winner of the Las Vegas, “Sports Selection” contest. He has been in the business for over 20 years and has an eye for the game.He’s been known to be a household name in the sports handicapping industry. On any given weekend in Vegas the question you’ll hear the most is “who is JR taking today??” The simple reason is that he’s owned the books over the past 20 plus years and he takes this approach when making a solid winning pickUnlike most sports handicappers who try to pick winners in all sports year round, JR concentrates on Baseball and Football. Ever since he was a kid he’s been in love with these two sports and so it comes easy. He’s won more documented Top 10 Handicapping Achievement Awards than anyone in the nation.Visit JR Kennedy on a daily basis for winners in both MLB and College and Pro Football.

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  • Ike M

    Ike’s been betting successfully on NHL for over 15 years now, he bets on every game he handicaps. Ike believes if the handicapper doesn’t believe enough in his picks to bet on them, then that person shouldn’t be handicapping. Ike signed on with after we put him on a week long trial where he proved he had the winning picks for NHL Hockey on a nightly basis. “I have been around the NHL my entire life, my father currently works in the business and we both eat sleep and drink it.” Ike with all his connections is able to get information that the public will never…He concentrates on totals.. When you’re betting totals there is no spread and it doesn’t matter who wins the game. All that matters is the final score and how many goals are scored. Ike’s job is to determine if the number of goals scored will go Over or Under the total set by the sportsbook.Stick with Ike as he promises to consistently make you money over the course of the NHL season.

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  • Tim Donaghy

    Tim Donaghy is a former professional NBA basketball referee for over 13 years. During Tim Donaghy’s 13 season NBA career he officiated in 772 regular season games and 20 NBA playoff games.

    In 2007 Tim Donaghy resigned prior to reports that the FBI was investigating him on allegations that he bet on games he was officiating. Shock waves were sent through the National Basketball Association as Tim was alleged to have made calls that affected the spread of the games. Later in 2007 Tim plead guilty to these charges and served 11 months in prison of his 15 month sentence.

    Since then Tim wrote a book, Personal Foul: A First-Person Account of the Scandal That Rocked the NBA. (Click Here) Tim Donaghy started is own sports handicapping website that you are on now, Ref Picks… and Tim can be found giving speeches throughout the country.

    Tim Donaghy has been making picks for Professional Handicappers for the past 2 years while on Probation and has had one of the best win percentages in the Nation.

    Tim has a leg up on most handicappers, he has hands on insider experience in officiating games and knows all to well how and what can affect a score. If you’re interested in learning more about Tim Donaghy’s Expert NBA Picks, buy a pick today or check out our Free Pick we have available.

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